AMOTOI‘s Model 450s Waste Incineration can be used for the treatment of various streams of Industrial Waste streams such as Oily Sludge, Oily Rags, Medical Waste, Biodegrable waste. We are currently processing waste streams for SPDC and AITEO would be happy to provide services to preferred clients. We also have a fleet of suitable trucks that would move any quantity of waste from any loading point to our facility.

AMOTOI has for use in the evacuation and transportation of waste(solid, liquid, semi-solid or oily sludge) a variety of equipment such as   cranes, forklifts, vacuum trucks, skips, flat beds, PVS bags, boxes and tanks plastic buckets and drums, environmental Barge, and Tug boats for the evacuation and transportation of oily sludge and waste from the client location to our Incinerator plant for the treatment of a varying range of waste streams.