AMOTOI has in place solid technical partnerships that enable the company provide specialized vessels for the maritime oil and gas industry operations as at when required. These vessels have various marine categorizations on the NOGICJQS Portal

We have the capacity to provide reliable Platform Support Vessels, Diving Support Vessels, Anchor Handling Tug & Supply Vessels, Multi-Purpose Accommodation Vessels, Fast Crew Boats/Personnel Carriers, minimum of 500 HP Flat Top barges, minimum of 500 HP Tug Boats, minimum of 500 ton Fuel Barges, minimum of 500 ton Water Barges and 40-60 man capacity Houseboats.

AMOTOI also provides a full range of marine and drilling personnel from Seaman to Master, from Roustabout to Tool pusher and also catering staff. This service is available on an industry-wide basis through our network of local affiliates and associates allowing access to a comprehensive range of talent and experience across a number of marine disciplines.