AMOTOI GLOBAL SERVICES LIMITED provides  services to major International & Local Oil Companies and  specializes in  the  following areas: The Installation, Upgrade  and Maintenance of Onshore/Offshore Production facilities and Platforms, The Provision of Pipeline  Maintenance services including Sectional Replacement Leak Repair ,Wellhead maintenance, Hook-up line and Flow line replacement , Flow station Maintenance and the Maintenance (Painting/Coating) of pipes and other petroleum products transport media / materials , The Procurement, Installation and Replacement/ Maintenance of Cathodic Protection Systems ,  The Supply  of Drilling and Production Chemicals and Wellbore Cleanout Services, Construction and Supply of marine vessels for both inland swamp and offshore operations , Offshore support vessel crewing, Security services for Oilfield/Offshore operations, Manning and Management of Vessels, Petroleum Product haulage and supply, Repairs of valves and Installation and maintenance of fuel monitoring systems on crafts/vessels .

AMOTOI GLOBAL SERVICES LIMITED also specializes in providing services covering the full spectrum of oil spill response and emergency oil spill occurrences across Nigeria. The key breakthrough of our company lies in the understanding of our clients’ response needs and tailoring our rapid response services in accordance with those needs. This is coupled with our effective designs, project management, and a service operation available throughout the year, round the clock. Our efficient staff and workforce have always met or exceeded the requirements of the customers with safe, cost-effective, and rapid action towards emergency spill response.

AMOTOI GLOBAL SERVICES LIMITED provides Waste Management (Incineration) Services to international & indigenous companies such as the Shell Petroleum Development Company Limited (SPDC) (East & West ) and Aiteo and have in operation a state-of-the-art Waste Incineration plant cited in (Emeyal 1) Ogbia, Bayelsa State which is in use for the treatment of both Solid & Liquid Waste Streams.